As the number of coronavirus-infected people increases worldwide, many countries are introducing preventive measures to prevent the epidemic from spreading. In some cities, it may become mandatory to wear surgical masks (for example, it is mandatory to wear them in Italy for shopping). While some people wear FFP2 or FFP3 facial masks/respirators (in Europe) and N95 or N99 facial masks/respirators (in the United States of America) to feel more protected and safe.

We have written this guide to explain what the masks are, to let you find which ones are available (both the surgical masks and the face masks FFP3, FFP2, N95, N99 with immediate, quick and fast delivery), to show you where you can buy the ones in stock without spending a fortune.

And at the bottom of the page, you will see the guide that explains how to wear a mask to ensure the proper protection against the coronavirus.

Where to buy respirators/face masks FFP2 – FFP3 – N95 – N99 against Coronavirus

Respirators/face masks FFP2, FFP3 or N95, N99 can be purchased online. There are several vendors that sell the masks with quick and fast delivery. We remind you that the respirators with European classification FFP2 and FFP3 must have the mark CE EN 149 in order to be anti coronavirus devices, which can be used in healthcare facilities. Those with NR initials are disposable, those with R initials are reusable. Those disposable must be replaced after a continuous use of a maximum of 8 hours.

Below you will find all the available masks for sale online. We try to update the page as constantly as possible, but the masks’ stocks run out quickly.

Surgical masks express delivery

As soon as the first cases of coronavirus broke out in Italy, some supermarkets in the red zone asked customers to use the surgical mask to get in. Otherwise, the security staff would not let people in.

Surgical masks are worn to avoid spreading the virus, in fact, whoever is infected (even asymptomatic) and wears them and sneezes or coughs, disperses fewer droplets of saliva in the environment, reducing the chances of infecting healthy people.

The price of surgical masks has also increased dramatically. Therefore it is recommended to buy them from the seller at a maximum price of 1/1.20 euros or US dollars per mask. We try to share the ones that are sold at a fair price and with next day or express delivery, but sometimes it happens that sellers raise prices at any moment and stocks run out quickly.